Monday, January 4, 2016

Ammon Bundy Defends the US Consitution

"Clad in boots, cowboy hats and camouflage, a small band of antigovernment protesters stood in the snow and subfreezing cold on Monday at a federally owned wildlife sanctuary they have taken over, called themselves defenders of the Constitution, and declared that they were at the vanguard of a national movement to force Washington to release its hold on vast tracts of Western land."
NYT Jan 4th 2106 '..Armed Oregon Protest'

Mr Ammon Bundy at a Monday 'news conference'. Photo Credit Jarod Opperman for The New York Times

Wanna bet that this will be a movie soon (e.g. a present-day Western)?  Ever wondered if Hollywood helps setup these all-American armed shindigs?

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  1. "..this Gang That Can’t Protest Straight is not far removed from a better-dressed crowd in Congress pushing for radical change in the nation’s public land endowment. The locked-and-loaded crazies in the Oregon high desert are using the same language as Republican legislators who want to take away an American birthright." from 'Crackpots in Cowboy Hats, and in Congress'-