Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Promise of Blogging

Blogging as an online form of diarising and journaling is now 20 years old. I have been at it for the last five of them and find there is still a lot for me to learn about how to make online journalism deliver thought-provoking alternative perspectives to our subscribers. Excellence in blogging is not easy: “The reality is that most blogs are poorly managed, attract dismal readership numbers and are soon abandoned. Does this mean that blogging is dead? Of course not! It just means it’s not easy. Like most things in business, the blogging market is subject to the basic principles of supply and demand” - Heather Baker of the B2B PR Blog.  

If more of us understood that,
to hold onto their followers, blogs must deliver a lot more to readers than unformed opinions and ignorant rants, we bloggers could have a better chance of becoming a part of more people’s daily reading diet. Another Heather, Heather Yaxley of Greenbanana, says it well: “In an increasingly competitive world for individuals and organisations, it is not enough to simply be able to ‘do’ things or even to do them well. You need to be able to know why something is the right thing to do – and be able to explain this to others”.  
In this blog we strive to bring you a varied diet of perspectives on life and world events as seen from a mature 'First World' English-speaker's viewpoint. In this era of sociopolitical all-inclusiveness, we believe there is too much reluctance to proselytize our pride in Western values and viewpoints as developed over many hundreds of years of slow democratization and declining injustice. If our sometimes whimsical and sometimes hard-nosed take on standing up for such values generally intrigues you, do please let your friends and contacts know about us! And follow us regularly yourself by using 'Join this site' or the 'Follow by Email -> Submit' link, or by connecting via Google+, all in the right side column. If you like to subscribe to blogs via feeds, look for the RSS symbol in the header bar to click on. See you next post!

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