Monday, January 3, 2011

72 and Still Lacing Them Up

This was the title of an email my big brother sent out and the title of the program for his 72nd birthday hockey game.  He had a heart attack at 58, 2 years older than when our Dad had one, Dad did not survive. Following the family tradition I had my quadruple by-pass at 58 also. My brother was always a hockey player and raised two sons who also played. At age 65 he decided to play again and started this annual celebration of his birthday by organizing a hockey game for like minded men. Every year since then he has gathered together 22 men to join him in a hockey game. Most of the players are over 60. He does play on a line with his sons which scores every game.

I tell this story for a couple of reasons.
First, I am proud of his accomplishments and his dedication to keeping fit. Secondly, this shows to me what can still be done in our “golden years” (heavy quotes). I see fellow Boomers wanting to continue on after retirement age similar to how they were before that fateful date. Although I am not a hockey player (I was official photographer)

I expect to do some SCUBA diving this spring. As I have written before I am creating some new e-learning projects. I have just learned of a volunteer opportunity for the Not-for Profit segment which is about using managerial expertise to help improve the functioning of these types of organizations.
My expectations over the next 20 to 40 years is to have a combination of paid and volunteer time which uses my business related skills (work?) combined with an appropriate amount of physical activity to keep my body, mind and spirit at a level of performance which allows me to enjoy anything I want to undertake.
My challenge for you is to consider (and comment about) “What are you going to do to fulfill yourself for the next great adventure of your life?”

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