Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are YOU are Zoomer?

It’s hard not to come across ‘Zoomers’.If you live near Toronto there's a big show every year in Town. They are under the care of Moses Znaimer of CARP. Even if you haven’t heard of them, you probably get the idea – they are zooming into late life. For this franchise, 60 had better be the new 40!

We're told they’re hip and probably not at all like those two sourpusses to be seen limping across TD Bank commercials. I think Zoomers must be the happy specimens in those grey power insurance and travel ads - you know, the couples with great teeth and a full head of  hair standing tall with few cares in the world.

Do we guess these Zoomer characters are making up for not doing enough partying when they were young?  By getting the body and gear and going for it now?  No quiet reflection, smelling the flowers, and taking stock of a life already lived for them! These dudes don’t have time for that stuff - they’re too busy zooming – working out, and flying to great getaways.

And perhaps souring their kids’ inheritance?  After all, debt is for later and the next generation. But, come to think of it, do any of us actually know anyone like that? As for yourself, are you zooming into late life...or slipping gracefully into it?

By Ian

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